Bánh Khọt

Traditional Vietnamese mini-pancake

Crispyfied, minified version of the traditional Vietnamese pancake.

Price range from $0.9 to $1.8


Bánh khọt is a Vietnamese mini savory pancake dish. It is one of the most popular dishes of Southern Area of Vietnam and it’s usually eaten with fresh vegetables and sweet-sour sauce.

Bánh khọt is simpler in taste and crispier than its sibling dish Bánh Xèo. It also contains less ingredients ( only rice and turmeric powder mixed with eggs ) and it is easier to prepare. The main difference in preparation is that instead of the big frying pan, a special “pan” with many tiny dents is being used (see the image below).

Bánh Khọt in making - Vietnamese mini pancakes

Each bánh khọt “pancake” comes with one shrimp, pork meat, fish ball or mushroom. Before served, the mini pancakes are often sprinkled with tiny amount of shrimp powder to make them more presentable to the eye.

It’s worth noting that bánh khọt is commonly eaten with a fair amount of vegetables to help eliminate a dull, fatty taste of oil. For even more distinct culinary experience, Vietnamese also like to dip the cakes in fish sauce.

According to urban legends bánh khọt originates from Vũng Tàu however today it can be seen all around South and Central Vietnam.