Cút lộn xào me

Grilled Embryo Quail Egg

A street food that will challenge your courage. A fertilized duck egg. Yes, it's an egg with a bird embryo inside.

Price range from $0.5 to $0.9


Vietnamese love their food and as you have probably already noticed they have many street snacks to munch on while hanging out with their friends. One of them is a famous quail egg with the baby bird (embryo) inside.

Challenge your courage

Fertilized duck eggs are a very popular snack, appetizer or beer food. The contents are much harder than a conventional boiled egg, with a partially formed duck fetus inside. There may be visible signs of feathers but they dissolve in the mouth. The top is cracked, juices slurped, and then the contents are eaten with a spoon. Popular condiments include lemon and black pepper, fresh herbs, pickled veggies, raw garlic and green chili.

Where to buy

This popular dish can be bought around local markets, close to universities and sometimes in touristy areas of the big cities. In Saigon one of such place is Turtle lake.

If you feel brave enough to give it a try, head to Turtle lake area in HCMC (Saigon) or to some local market nearby and look for the sign “Cút lộn xào me”.