Bắp Xào

Buttery Fried Street Corn

A simple and easy to get snack, commnly sold around parks and public places. Basically fried street corn.

Price range from $0.5 to $0.9


Bắp Xào or buttery fried corn is one of the most popular snacks in Vietnam. Not only among children and teenagers, but also among adults. Fried corn seeds with butter, seasoning (salt, pepper, chilli powder, sugar) and dried shrimps. All this garnished with chopped green bits of spring onion.

Simple to cook, easy to get

Bắp Xào is simple and easy to get snack. It is usually sold by street sellers around parks and public places in almost every big city in Vietnam. Additionally Bắp Xào is famous for its attractive buttery smell.  It’s cheap and visually appealing snack  (yellow from corn, red from shrimp and green from spring onion). Something worth trying when visiting Vietnam.