Bánh Mì Ốp La

Vietnamese Sandwich with Eggs

Traditional Banh Mi filled with sunny side up eggs, vegetables and herbs

Price range from $0.6 to $2.4


Bánh Mì Ốp La is the popular variation on traditional “bánh mì kẹp” and it’s usually served as a morning dish alongside Vietnamese milk ice coffee (Cà phê sữa đá).

In Vietnamese language the word “Bánh mì” ( or bánh mỳ in northern Vietnam ) means plain “bread“, but in daily vernacular it’s commonly understood as a meat-filled sandwich called “bánh mì kẹp” orbánh mì Sài Gòn” after the city in which it was popularized. However there is one variation of “bánh mì kẹp” that stands out; Bánh Mì Ốp La – the Vietnamese sandwich with eggs.

Bánh Mì Ốp La - Vietnamese Egg SandwichAs the name suggests, Bánh Mì Ốp La rocks sunny side up eggs (fried eggs, bulls eye) instead of the usual meat filings. This gives the sandwich a distinctive taste. It’s a whole new culinary experience.

The bread-roll is additionally filled with vegetables (carrots, cucumbers) and herbs. For a stronger taste, soy sauce or chilli capsicum is added.

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