Flan Cake

Flan Cake

Caramel cake, Vietnamese style.

Price range from $0.50 to $0.9


Being brought to Vietnam by the French (French: flan or crème caramel), its name in Vietnam is kept original Flan cake and now is the favorite cake of young people. The cake has a lot of nutrition so always is the first choice for children and pregnant women.

The ingredient of Flan cake is mainly yolk of chicken egg, milk (condensed milk, fresh milk, milk powder), and sugar. Depend on the taste you will have different rate between egg milk and sugar. When it comes to Vietnam, we make new versions of flan cake to have so many choice when people get boring with the original taste like: caffee, chocolate, green tea, pumpkin, coconut, pandan leaf, yogurt, … Each type will have different colors, flavors and decorations, giving you a different emotion and taste experience.

With the original, we can not miss the coffee pour on the top and come with grinded ice to make the taste less sweet and cold. Some place will add coconut milk to make it more special.