Sinh Tố Dừa

Coconut Smoothie

Gently granular, slightly milky and mildly sweet in taste.

Price range from $0.9 to $1.8


Coconut smoothie (Sinh Tố Dừa) is my favourite non-caffeine drink in Vietnam. I like the slightly granular texture and subtle milky, coconut sweetness. The Vietnamese coconut smoothie is made of the white flesh, also called solid endosperm from inside the coconut. It’s the white pulp that covers inside walls of coconut shell. This white pulp is taken out and crushed & mixed in blender together with ice and a bit of milk (sometimes).

In Vietnam, the smoothie is usually served with the liquid endosperm which is basically the semi-transparent and mildly sweet liquid we call “coconut milk”. So when you order a Coconut Smoothie (Sinh Tố Dừa) you often get two drinks instead of one.

Coconut Smoothie Vietnam - Sinh ToUnlike Dừa Tươi, a Fresh Coconut Water, Sinh Tố Dừa is served in either plastic cup or in a glass with a straw.

It’s a very pleasant drink to sip on. A great alternative to coffee and also quite filling

The cost of Vietnamese coconut smoothie ranges from 25k to 60k VND, which is roughly 1.6USD. Some places would charge double — it just means you pay a premium for the location or for drinking in a stuck-up place.

Sinh Tố Dừa is easy to get. It’s on the menu of almost every medium-sized Vietnamese coffee shop. However, it’s rare to get from Vietnamese street sellers who usually sell only Dừa Tươi, a Fresh Coconut Water.

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