Khế – carambola, a pretty star-shaped fruit

Vietnamese name: Khế

Khế - Star Fruit


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Khế  (star fruit) also known as carambola is a pretty star-shaped fruit. When it comes to taste, it resembles western redcurrants. It is sweet (or sour) and mildly ” floral tasting” fruit, similar in texture to an Asian pear. In Vietnam, the ripened yellow fruit is usually enjoyed as a juicy snack. The green immature fruit is sliced finely and served as a tangy vegetable, either as an accompaniment to grilled meats or as part of a table salad.

Sliced Khế - Sliced Star Fruit

The usual cost (as of 2017) varies between 20-40k VND per 1 kg.

Green Khế - Star Fruit

When eaten “green” (above) star fruit tastes quite sour however when ripened to its yellow colour (below) it tastes sweet and very similar to western redcurrants.

Khế - Star Fruit